Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A night out

Allison treated us to a night out at Ya Ya's. The ambiance was amazing and the food even better.

This is probably where I got in trouble in the yeast department.

The rolls before hand..... mmmmmmm.

The sausage and cheese dip, even better.

My asparagus pizza.
Out of this world pork chops for Jess.
Sea bass for Allison.
Drooling before we dug in.
All dressed up. I found it ironic that I, being the least girly, was the one in the dress. I borrowed it from one of my sisters, and just so they know, I'm not giving it back. It has one of those twirly whirly skirts that I positively loved. I felt like Karis.

And the mirror isn't crooked, the camera is. :-)


Chad said...

Even when I'm full I look at the food and get hungry.

jess said...

I'm hungry. Seriously, I was going to write this before i saw what Challison wrote.