Thursday, June 3, 2010

She ain't gonna' be cheap...

Karis was sitting on the couch a couple of days ago reading a counting book.

On the last page her face lit up, and she squealed out excitedly,

"Look Mom!"

I glanced at the page and saw a bunch of little items on each flap. When you opened the flaps the number of the items was listed below.

Two in particular caught her attention; she proceeded to explain why.

"Boys don't like these, but girls LOVE flowers and diamonds!"

If I knew who her future intended was I'd jot him a note and tell him to start saving now. :-)

1 comment:

Teresa :-) said...

He has a humble savings account, but he's saving! She better not get her heart set on a big one though... he is the son of a missionary after all!