Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thanks for praying:-)

A small miracle happened today.

I had ice cream.

Before you think your prayers failed, let me explain.

My mom made ice cream made of cream and stevia.

I get to have stevia.

In fact, the chiropractor has me taking 15 drops of dark stevia for part of my treatment.

So, when it is cream, and the cream is frozen and sweet with stevia with a raspberry on top, well....

Let me tell you, this girl is in dessert heaven!

I think my mom has just found something that will make my journey easier.

Thank you mom!


LoDud said...

Oh, goody! Ice cream is my favorite thing--that is great you found a way to still eat it. All that sugar denial is undoubtedly good for us, but so hard in our current culture.

MommaMindy said...

OOH, give your moms hugs and kisses on my behalf! She is amazing to find that recipe for you. You can feel pampered without guilt.