Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm beginning to feel like a commuter:-)

A commuter to Chicago. I've been out three times in the past two weeks.

If you were to ask me where something in the western suburbs are, I actually might be able to get you there. :-) At least a few places. Like Whole Foods, Kohls, Starbucks (although with Starbucks you will probably run into one of those blindfolded without too much problem), and, of course the doctor and downtown.

This time I had the privilege of taking Dustin along. We decided to make a date out of it and hit downtown.

The train is the best way to go there if you don't want to tackle the traffic and the parking.
As we were waiting several trains thundered past. Their roaring massiveness made it hard to sit calmly on the bench some 20 feet away. I was positive one of the cars would come flying off and crush us. :-)

Once there, we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked. Our goal was Navy Pier.
We got a little distracted. Dustin decided that once the kids are all grown up we will live in one of these high rises. Preferably the penthouse, of course. :-)
We will also get one of these tiny little boats. :-)
Won't he make a great captain? You won't find me complaining when he wants to take me out on the water. :-)
I love my sweetie! He was amazing and took great care of me.
This is as close as we got to the Navy Pier. I was all tuckered out, so we settled for the security pier. At least that is what I called it, since all the police boats were tied up to it.
Not exactly sure what this is, but the redness fascinated both of us. We are quite easily amused. I was a tad nervous to stand this close because the water seriously looks as if their should be several dead bodies in it.

My health remains about the same. I'm a bit worn out from all the trips and a few rough nights and 5:30 mornings with Gabi. No dramatic difference, but little steps in the right direction.

Well, I'm off to do laundry and clean a couple of bedrooms that two little girls, I won't mention names, have destroyed. :-)


MommaMindy said...

What a great trip! So good to hear about all the walking...that is GOOD NEWS as far as your strength and stamina are concerned. I continue to pray for healing.

Chad said...

I love Chicago. I'd meet you there sometime if I could. Chad is with Dustin on the boat thing too. :) It's quite a feat that you could do all of that walking in Chicago. I'm proud of you. That's hard even when you're healthy.