Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girl Time.

I don't think it is possible to have a girls trip, event, weekend, whatever, without some form of nail painting.

We splurged and got our toes done which was a double pleasure after a morning of shopping.

I love the chairs. It would be nice to get one of them, especially if they come with the super talented lady who managed to make my poor abused nails look half way decent.

You see, half the time when my nails need cut, and I hate to admit this, I just pick at it until I can tear it off. It's a habit, I guess. Not a good one, especially when it comes time to get a pedicure. But.... the lady persevered and you would never know that they had been in bad shape before. :-) Now you understand why I need to keep her around.
Sullivan thoroughly enjoyed his first pedicure. I think we may have hooked him on it for life, and he certainly charmed the ladies.
In honor of the fourth we decided to get our nails done in these festive colors. The sad thing is that the pale mannequin hand matches my own skin rather well. Seeing Allison's skin several shades darker brings out the envy in me.

And envy rots the bones. I was driving past one of those cool storage units that they have now incase you want to store heat sensitive items. On their sign out front they weren't saying what the cost was, or the size, or even their number.


All it said was "Envy rots the bones."

I think the sheer shock of seeing that verse in front of a storage unit is what has made it stick with me.

Why it was on that sign I don't know. Seems to me it would rather hurt their business. Because usually it is envy that causes you to buy more stuff, which causes people to have to store other things.....

Who knows, maybe they are full up and need to turn people away.

But... regardless, it was a good message for me, and I don't want rotten bones. I already have enough problems, thank you very much! :-) So, whenever I'm tempted to envy someone else's life, I remember that storage unit.

But, this was not a post about envy, this was a post about pedicures and I have no idea how that led down this rabbit trail.
Aren't they cute? Jess already had a toe ring, so Allison and I jumped on the band wagon. It has been forever since I've worn one, but when I saw the solid silver band with daisies on it, well, I couldn't resist.

I had to ask Faith today if they were still in. I'm not up on the latest fashion trends.

She kindly told me that they could be in if I wanted them to be.

Hummmmm.... need to ponder that one for a bit. :-)

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