Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer is crazy, isn't it?

I just realized I haven't written anything for five days. That seems like a long time, for some reason.

It's just busy.

And for me, being busy means I'm feeling better.

Though, there is a downside to being busy.

I have a hard time eating like I should and everything I should.

Today I found myself forgetting to drink.

I have to get at least 64oz. in, 90 is ideal.

When you have a few sips to swallow your pills and then forget to drink until around 12, well, it's hard to get it in. It isn't a good idea to start after five, believe me. :-)

Right now I have about 3 cups of vegetables left to eat. 32 oz of water, at least.

A couple of servings of Psyllium Husk, my bean substitute.

Some raw garlic, and maybe a little protein.

This wouldn't be that big of deal except it is 6pm.

I doubt I'll get the veggies all in, maybe two cups, but hopefully all the rest will get taken care of.

It has become more clear to me in the last month than it even has before why it is so hard to eat healthy in America.

We are BUSY.

Even as a stay at home mom I'm often too busy to eat right.

Junk food is much easier.

Fish sticks vs. the real thing.

Hot dogs vs healthy meat.

Cereal vs. oatmeal or eggs

Ice cream snack vs. veggies.

Noodles vs meat, veggies, beans.

It's hard! My awe to those who do it regularly and have done it for a long time.

My sympathy for those of you who are like me and need to eat right and have to eat right, and have little kids and busy lives. :-0

My prayers for those of you who are thinking of starting to eat in a healthier way! :-)

And that is all of my rambling. I'm off to fill my body with good things.

Oh, I have another oncology visit on tuesday. Nothing new, just talk over what he has found out over the last two months. Dustin is coming this time, not Karis, so I may get a few more questions in, not be distracted by Tinkerbell (I hope he doesn't being stickers:-) and he will probably remember more than I will. :-)

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Yellow Daisy Momma said...

Do you have a rice cooker? It might realy help with the eating healthy.