Saturday, June 26, 2010

I have a new man in my life....

Dustin isn't the least bit jealous. A tad worried, perhaps, about the proverbial "baby itch" that wants to raise it's head when I am around him, but not jealous.

Sullivan was the only man allowed to come along with us. Nursing babies only is the rule.

This is the little boy I wrote about earlier. He wouldn't take a bottle so had to go to the hospital for nurishment. :-) He has since learned, and I am happy to report that he has gained four pounds in the past month.

He is also a little charmer. His fussy moments were few and far between.
I leaned forward, but he was the one pulling in for the kisses!
In the waiting room waiting to give approval to the super cute clothes his mommy bought.
Thanks for sharing your little man with us Jess!

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jess said...

Isn't he redonkuously cute? I love him too! And he's now 5 ounds bigger than he was a month ago. What a porker!