Thursday, June 24, 2010


There is a group of friends in my life who have decided to get together every two years.

We met each other at different times in various ways, but the tie that binds us closest is Box T - and the Lord, of course. :-)

I met Anna, first. She, unfortunately couldn't come because of this silly little excuse of being pregnant and almost due. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to chance having a baby in a strange city without your husband?:-) Anyway, we met inutero. Our parents were attending a conference while pregnant with us, then some 11years later they moved into the area and we met officially. We are probably as different as night and day, but we love each other very much.

Jess was the one I met next in the line up. We were about 14, and again, it was at a conference. I don't really remember much about that meeting except riding in backwards together in a stationwagon. We would meet again later on, but first I'll mention Allison.

Allison and I met at Box T. She was counseling, I was the cook. The only thing I really ever cooked in my life before that was bread and easy stuff. They say if you can make bread you can make anything, and maybe that is true if you love to bake, but I don't. Thankfully there was an older lady I was cooking with who kept me under a tight reign and the campers managed to fill their bellies. Al and I didn't really run into each other terribly much that camp, but when it was discovered that they needed two cooks for the next camp we were asked to cook together.

We accepted. Florence (The camp directors wife and in charge of making sure the household ran smoothly) had her hands full.

Allison and I bonded for life over that sink and stove. The kitchen is small. You either have to love each other or kill each other. Especially when you share a room, as well.

The counselors at this camp - it was a boys camp - knew us fairly well and were adept at pranks.

One morning Allison and I came down to make breakfast only to have them asking us questions about things we had talked about last night after we had hopped into bed.

Personal things.

Things that we wouldn't have said to anyone else.

But thankfully nothing we were ashamed of.

It turns out they had bugged our room - placing some device under our mattress - and listening to us on their radio downstairs.

Once again, a bonding moment and one I'll never forget. It reminds me every now and again that I need to be careful what I say because anyone could be listening.

Even at a horse camp out in the middle of North Dakota!

The next year we met again at Discipleship camp and then Jess entered my life again!

Allison and I had already arrived at camp and I heard that Jess was coming as a last minute decision. She and Al were already friends and I remember being disappointed that she was coming. I had been looking forward to spending time with just Allison, and now it would be Jess, who I didn't really know, as well.

I'm so glad God knows way better than we do. It was a bonding week for all of us. New and old friendships grew over ruined batches of puppy chow, yes, we managed to do that between the three of us, sprained ankles, (mine) and romantic sorrows and joys (not mine). :-)

Although Anna wasn't at that discipleship camp, she did counsel with us, cook with us, and grow up with Jess and Allison, so that is how she fits in at Box T.

And that, my friends, is the backround of why the four of us find that one of the highlights of our year is to get back together discussing memories and how God is working in each of our lives. I'm realizing as I write this that God has blessed me with wonderful friends. Not that I haven't realized this before, but the reminder is good for me. :-)

Here is one picture from my weekend of running away. Me, of course, Jess, and then Allison. I love these girls, and am so blessed to have them as friends for the last 14 years. More pictures will come tomorrow.
Or the next day.
Or maybe the day after that.
You never can be too sure these days. :-)


Chad said...

Ahhh, you made me cry. (Allison and not Chad even though it's posting as Chad)

jess said...

Who's the pretty chubby one in the middle?