Monday, April 12, 2010

A typical day on the farm...

Karis diligently helping dip the Kringla dough. At one point both my mom and Noelle were busy by the stove, leaving Karis alone with the balls and flour.

She looked up, saying, "Where did my helpers go?"
Attis gets a much needed trim and enjoys every minute of it.
This is a back yard my girls LOVE! Much of their excess energy gets burned here.
A short field trip to a near by creek, a.k.a. a field drainage ditch, but we prefer creek, made the girls' day, and Mommy a little nervous as they got close to the edge.
My model.
She would have jumped right off the edge if we had let her.
Auntie Faith lends a hand and makes their toe nails pretty and pink. Don't you just love baby feet?
Helping Grandma roll out Pizza Dough.
Auntie Faith is getting ready for her recital. It was beautiful. If you want more details just send me a message on Facebook. :-)
This is my flower girl. She loves, loves, loves flowers. I thought this spring I might be able to help her plant a flower pot on our front porch, but I think it will have to wait this next year. She is finding plenty of dandelions and violets.

I am so grateful my mom has made her home open to us. It helps so much that we can go there. The girls lives consist of something other than just watching t.v. or surviving on their own.

Thanks, Mom!

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

WOW! I would love to have a backyard with such wide open spaces! How nice that you get to spend time there!!