Monday, April 12, 2010

I Cheated!!

Teresa, my far away friend in Brazil, was so excited to hear this that I figured I had probably better share it with the rest of you. :-)

It's true.

I ate something that is forbidden by my nutritionist.

I had a frozen strawberry.

Then the next day, one more.

And.... I had a left over half slice of toast with butter and jelly.

Natural, no sugar jelly, but jelly, nonetheless.

I felt almost as guilty as if I had had a Snickers Blizzard, which I love, by the way, and I did enjoy every bite.

But, I'm back on the wagon.

I only smelled the strawberries yesterday.

Aren't you proud of me?

It's hard, I'll admit. But I'm praying the end result will be worth it.

With God all things are possible. Even living without cheese for 18 months. :-)

There are some Jonah days, days where everything seems to be going wrong.

Yesterday was one of them.

My bruised ribs were hurting.

An earache on my right side had kept me up a bit in the night.

I was tired.

I had to continually remind myself to keep my eyes on the Savior so I didn't sink!

But then there are days, like today, that are good, no, more than good, great.

I feel great, I have hope I'm going to beat this thing, and eating beans isn't so very bad.

Thanks for the continued prayers.


jess said...

Oh my stars. Never thought I'd see the day, but I have to give you credit. You got back on the wagon!

Yellow Daisy Momma said...