Saturday, April 10, 2010


"Yes Karis?"

"Mom, I am so impressed with my thumbsucker." Said very earnestly.

"Why is that?"

"IT is so stylish..."

"Does it do anything else?" I asked.

"Yes, and it helps me stop sucking my thumb."

This was obviously secondary to the stylishness. :-)

Day three and it is still working. She currently has the gloves on both hands. I asked her if she wanted the right one off as she doesn't need it during the day.

"No." Very decidedly.

Now I'm wondering if I will have a new problem on my hands. :-)

I'm guessing telling her she can't wear them to Chuck E Cheese will do the trick. :-)

Thanks, Rosanne, for telling me about their "Done with the thumb" chart. She loves it!

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Rosanne said...

Aren't those little charts great?? Jaylen goes through phases of intense fear of toilets plugging (no joke) so he delays pooing... not a good thing. So we're using the perfect potty chart.... he's excited too :) Wish we were closer and could take the kids together!