Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hold on TIGHT!

We went to visit the Dam because rumor had it that the water was high. As we drove up the first words out of my mouth were,

"You have to hold either Mommy's or Grandma's hand!"

The water was high, and fast, and scary, and made Mommy nervous.

But I wanted the girls to see it in its angry state, so we got out of the car and I braved my fears.

See my arm? I didn't let go of her even to take a picture.

Yes, I know there are fences.

Yes I know they are solid, well sort of solid. Is that little bit of wire really enough to keep them from falling in?

It still made me feel much safer to have my little one firmly by the hand.
See it behind us? I still get the heebie jeebies thinking about it roaring out of the opening.

And on the other side, the lake side, there was a whirlpool dragging all the water into the dam.

See.... heebie jeebies! My imagination is too active. Getting sucked down the horrible black hole, helplessly screaming as you disappear... and that is about where it ends, because if you look at the water on the other side you know no one would survive.

Ok, enough of my weird and odd imaginings.

Karis doesn't like the confinement of having an adult hold on to her, can you tell from the above picture? Someday this precious child of mine will learn to sit still.

Don't you think this little fence may be not quite enough protection from the raging waters? It may be just my crazy imagination getting the better of me, but really.... you have this huge, massive body of water pouring out and a tiny little fence... I'm thinking wrought iron with chain link and possibly some wood thrown in, or maybe concrete with windows....
If you look closely you will see the jelly on her face that somehow magically appeared there two minutes before we walked out the door. I know this because three minutes before we walked out I did a face check and all was clear. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!
This is Karis. No picture could capture her better. Running pell mell down a steep hill, full speed ahead, big smile on her face. Heaven help her. See why I pray for God to protect her as only He can every single night? The little bugger wonders why she has so many bruises all over her legs. I'll show her this picture the next time she asks.

The highlight of the day? Watching their delighted faces as the raging water splashed their faces.

Oh, that and the fact that we were all still alive and the whirl pool didn't suck us all to our watery graves! :-)

No wonder I can't watch scary movies.


Andy and Jennifer said...

Cute girls! I'd hold tightly to them too! Praying for you...and when I figure out how to, I will get you to our blog!

Douglas Porter said...

Oh my goodness... that is EXACTLY how I felt!! We took the boys last year during the floods and I decided that one time (for about ten minutes) was long enough for us. Neither of the boys were allowed out of their strollers and I stayed back with Carson. It made me so nervous... and that is coming from a girl who grew up on the water and was on the swim team... I'm super comfortable around water. But, that was too much for me. I think I actually had nightmares about the possibilities for a few night afterwards! :)

PS. Love you lady... and praying for you.