Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Scream

On Tuesday I cleaned my bathroom. This alone should tell you I am getting a little energy back.

FYI, I am also doing two loads of laundry this morning, so, this, as well is encouraging.

Anyway, back to my bathroom.

We have a tiny bathroom, something I always am a little ungrateful about, to my shame, except when it comes time to clean it.

Dustin has been cleaning it in his spare time, which is hardly any, but I knew it needed a woman's touch.

I pulled out my trusty cleaner and cloth....Jess, don't look too close at the cloth or you might see that it is indeed your nicely monogrammed gift you gave me a couple of years ago. It got a stain on it...a stain which I didn't get out in time, and is now relegated to the bathroom rags. Sorry. But I do still think of you, just not when I'm washing my hands - more often it is when I clean the toilet. :-)

Anyway, I finished the sink and moved on to the rather crusty toilet. I reached the part between the tank and the toilet lid.

You know the hard to clean part that always collects hairs, specks, and whatever else might be floating around in your bathroom?

At least mine does.

And this particular spot got missed in the last cleaning, I do believe.

I spray away.

Then I spray away again.

It was pretty gross.

And then I dug in and was making some headway when a huge, fast, black object scurried up on my hand and was making for my sleeve.

This is where the scream came in.

It was me this time, and I rarely scream.

The girls came running just in time to see the cockroach make a kerplunk on the bathroom floor.

I'm sure it was stunned by having its home invaded and its unexpected flight through the air.

I ran for Dustin's shoe and the cockroach is no more. I'd say take a moment of silence, but I really feel no regret over his demise.

I knew my bathroom needed a cleaning, but I assure you, scouts honor, it was not dirty enough to have a cockroach.

We have had one or two of these bugs over the years.

Enough that when I went to Earl May a couple of years ago I asked if it was possible to get cockroaches randomly or if I had a cleaning problem.

I was worried.

I know I'm not the neatest, nor the pickiest person in the world as far as cleaning details... but cockroaches?

The man smiled and assured me that there are cockroaches that fly into your house and I didn't need to worry.


Still.... I'm determined to keep that bathroom just a little bit cleaner.

And poor Karis.

She is fine during the day.

But I've been woken up twice in the night just to make sure the cockroach doesn't get her when she goes potty.

Poor girl, first snakes, now roaches.

I'm almost afraid to find out what will be next.

I'm praying it isn't a huge spider.

Snakes and roaches I can handle with tolerable ease, but spiders? Big ones?

No thanks!

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MommaMindy said...

Rest assured, cockroaches aren't attracted to mess, like ants, but are just attracked to scared humans. We lived with them for seven years in Kansas - icky, nasty things! Yes, thanks to you, one less in the world!