Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A scream,

a rather bloodcurlitng one at that came from my parent's backyard.

Karis stood frozen, barefoot, smack dab in the middle of it.

My sister rushed out to her, carrying her inside.

By this time the screams were gone, and the tears had started.

I pulled her into my arms and asked her what had happened as there was no blood, her limbs appeared to be not broken anywhere, and she was all in one piece.

"I ste....I stepped....I stepped on a snake, Mommy!" More terrified tears.

"I stepped on a snake and it tickled my ankle!"

After alot of sympathy from everyone and several hundreds of kisses, the smiles started to appear.

All of a sudden it didn't seem quite so terrifying.

In fact, it became the story of the year.

Even calling Daddy on the phone to tell him of her adventure.

Today I'm just praying that anymore unsuspecting snakes stay out of her way so that her current fear of walking on grass has a chance to go away!!


Yellow Daisy Momma said...

OHH NO! I would be scared of the grass too!!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

For real? I would have screamed too! Snakes=yuck! :)

Mandolin said...

I am not even joking...we have a family of gardner (sp?) snakes in our yard... 2 littles and 1 big. And I scream EVERY time... Brad rolls his eyes - but, its scary! poor Karis!

beccarankin said...

I know, poor Karis, indeed. She did manage to set foot in the backyard again, So, I'm hopeful. :-)