Friday, April 16, 2010

Hing a Hong

If you say that real fast out loud it sounds like you are speaking Chinese.


Try it.

Hing a Hong. Hing a Hong.


Don't you almost feel like you should steeple your hands together, look at the person in front of you respectfully, and then do a quick bow?

I do.

Gabi said this phrase over and over to my poor mom as she tried to put her to bed.

"Go to sleep, Gabi."

"Hing a Hong, G'ma." And then she would bow.....j.k.:-)

After this phrase was repeated several times, my mom figured it out.

Gabi wanted her to Sing a Song.

So she sang a song.

Our little munchkin can't fall asleep until we Hing a Hong to her. I hope this lasts for a long time!

Including the pronunciation.

Not being able to say the sssss sound gives us a lot of laughs around here.

Especially when she asks for a piece of Hellery. :-)


Rosanne said...

So cute! I can totally relate! Trevor substitutes the "F" sound for a lot of other sounds... As you can imagine, it can be a bit embarassing when he tries to say certain words. :)

MommaMindy said...

Jon saw an Asian family jabbering away one day and had a brilliant thought. "Mom, ya' know how we American kids always try to speak fake Chinese? Do you think they try to speak fake English? I wonder what syllables they use?"

No matter what your girls say, they are adorable.

Teresa :-) said...

I can't stop laughing!!

Faith said...

haha Gabi is a character.:) I love them!

jess said...

Hing A Hong To Gabi! I love that lil girl. Now I'm going to be "hing a hongin" all night.