Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weigh in.

I dropped the girls off at my moms today and did the dreaded weigh in.

This week I've felt like all I've done is eat.

Hunks of meat.





My stomach has complained several times.

Rebelling at the thought of putting something else in it.

In fact, a few days I had to cut back.

Not because of my heart, but because my stomach refused to take in any more.

So, frankly, I wasn't too hopeful for this weigh in.

It was about the same time as last week, my attire was the usual comfy sweats and sweatshirt.

I held my breath and stepped on.

Two pounds! I've gained two whole pounds!

I shouted it out for the whole house to know and did a quick little happy dance.

I say quick and little because dancing is not my thing at all.

Two pounds may not seem like much, but I always compare my weight gain or loss to hamburger.

I need the visual. It's a little gross, I know, but it works.

Two pounds of hamburger is a lot, it is!

So... two pounds down, eighteen to go.

Thanks so much for the prayers - I know it is helping.


The Roli Poli's said...

are you allowed to eat coconut products? coconut milk, oil, flour?

beccarankin said...

I am. I don't like coconut flour, but I use the oil. :-)

The Roli Poli's said...

Cool! I was reading the back of my coconut oil and was surprised how high in fat it was! I dont like the flour either... praying for more pounds for you!

Mandi said...

Nice work on the gain! :)