Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Chicago

I haven't disappeared.

I'm not even feeling bad.

We have just been relaxing in Chicago.

The couple who's house we have stayed at the last few times graciously gave us a key to use as they are out of town for the moment.

They also happen to have a huge tub that feels amazing on stressed out back muscles.

I just may never leave this place!

For a quick update.

My naturopathic doctor was encouraged today.

Usually when he works with my lung to relax it, expand the breathing capacity, and generally stir it up I go into coughing fits galore.

I didn't this time.

That is an improvement.

I still cough a lot.

I have too, especially in the morning to get rid of excess phlegm, but it is improving.

I could tell that earlier this month when I could again sleep on my back and right side!

So.... I still have a long, uphill battle, but I was given a glimmer of hope today.

A glimmer.

Now, pray that I will keep the attack going, that I won't give up, and....

That I won't have any more allergic reactions.

Those silly things set me back a month or two every time they happen because my body has to fight those instead of the cancer.

And they make me lose more weight.

This weight thing is really starting to bug me.

We drove by a donut place today and I said to Dustin,

"Do you think if we stop there they could just inject ten pounds into me?" (And let me taste the yumminess?)

It sounds pretty lame as I read it, but that is how desperate I am becoming.

I'm so grateful that we are starting to see results, no matter how small.

God is answering your prayers.

If you don't mind, would you tack on the weight thing again? This time I won't even put a pound limit on it. :-)

However, when I ask you to stop praying that prayer, you need to stop.



Thanks everyone! I love you!


PS Isn't snow beautiful? I can say that because I have a husband who spoils me rotten and tells me to go take a soak in the tub while he does the shoveling. Ahh..... what a life...

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MommaMindy said...

My people should talk to your people and see about donating the weight I gained after my last surgery to you. I would gladly do this for the benefit of science and my dear friend. I have his big, 10 pound roll that just hangs around my waste. Sounds like the perfect size donation for you!