Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Last night after I put Karis to bed she called to me from her room.

I was too lazy to get up and go there, so I just yelled, "What?"

"Mom, I want a big brother. You need to have a boy."

Not wanting to explain why a boy would never turn into her big brother I mumbled something that seemed to satisfy her because all was quiet in her room.

I thought she was asleep, so was surprised to hear her run out when Dustin got home from work.

She hugged him, grinning from ear to ear, and chattering away.

After Dustin put her back in bed he came in and looked at me a little funny.

"Do you know what she said to me?"

"No." I said, eying him just as strangely.

"She said that she has been laying there singing praises to God and asking Him to bless us with a son."

No wonder he was looking at me funny.

I was beginning to wonder myself how God was going to answer those prayers and felt a bit uncomfortable in the general belly area. :-)

Dustin and I feel fairly certain God wants our family to be on hold for now, but Karis is awfully precious, and she is in there singing praises and requesting a brother. :-)

It would help me put on some weight, I'll give it that. :-)


Rosanne said...

My boys keep talking about what we're going to name our baby... I keep reminding them that there is no baby yet, but they're coming up with names anyhow. Trevor's current favorite is Sally. :)

MommaMindy said...

I love Karis. How can so much personality be rolled up into such a little person.

You should send her to me for a few months. I could use some entertainment! :) Then, she could have Jon for a big brother.

Teresa :-) said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! She just cracks me up! Tell her that her "big brothers" in Brazil miss her.