Monday, January 3, 2011


After Karis and I got the all important discussion of her future last name out of the way, the excitement began. Gabi didn't know what to think of the stockings. In this picture she is trying to give her presents to Daddy.
In this picture she is keeping some for herself, but offering them to Karis, as well.
Ahhh..... she figured it out! They really are all for her!
Their first slinky, or "spring" as they called it. They were a hit.
Growing up we always had to get dressed and comb our hair before we opened presents. The "why" of it never hit home quite so strongly as when I saw this picture. Hey, at least she has the lip gloss on. :-)
Hair problem solved! Grandpa Jay sent these adorable stocking hats! I LOVE them. They fit perfect, and they cover their ears. I make sure they have them on every time they walk outside because I am a good mom and never let my kids go out in the cold without coats or hats on. :-) OR maybe it is really because they are so adorable in them!
Grandpa Jay also sent this beautiful dress along with matching slippers. As you can see, it was a hit. Thank you Grandpa Jay for all the presents you sent! The girls love them!
Karis loves to color. She especially loves to color when she is dressed for the occasion.
Gabi is organizing hers, just like big sister.

It was such a nice, quiet Christmas this year. We played with the toys the rest of the morning, then had a family get together in the afternoon.

Perfect pace for our little ones.

One down, three more to go! I was so glad Christmas was spread out this year. Sometimes it passes all to quickly!

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MommaMindy said...

Yea, those amzzing Christmas morning photos! I either told my kids to sleep in something cute, their nice pj's, or all get up and get dressed.

As they got older, we made them dress nice for Christmas dinner. Now they enjoy the tradition and the "nice" pictures.