Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I accomplished doing nothing today:-)

My mom made a comment today.

Let me preface the comment.

I was up at my parents and Karis and Mom went to get Faith at the airport.

I stayed there, put Gabi to bed.

Weighed myself - freaked out! But that is for another post.

Promptly ate everything I could stomach and somethings I couldn't.

Looked around the kitchen and thought maybe I could surprise mom and actually do something for her for a change.

I finished eating, took a call I had to take, and they walked in the door.

I accomplished zero besides talking on the phone and eating.

I shared that with my mom and she just looked at me a little puzzled.

You see, mom's always know you better than you do yourself.

She said, "Did you really expect to get a lot accomplished today?"

Not in a mean way, or a snide way, but in a puzzled way.

I thought of that later as I was getting ready to take a clay bath (once again for another post) and started crying.

The truth is, I do. I wake up every day and think I'll be able to accomplish more. That I'll feel better. That life for this mommy will be normal again.

I don't know why I'm surprised when it isn't that way. I should be used to it by now, or maybe I never want to get used to that feeling because I'll stop fighting for me to be healthy again.

And then my mom reminded me what was accomplished today with my doing nothing.

My house is clean and my laundry folded thanks to Grandma Karen and Aunt Linda.

I have dinner coming to my door tonight thanks to my wonderful church family.

I was able to give my girls lots of hugs.

God is taking care of us, even when there is not much of anything this mommy can do at the moment.

All I can say is a humble thank you to everyone in my life who is stepping in when I am unable to.

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Chad said...

God is taking care of you. He has promised never to allow anything to happen that you can't handle. I'm still praying for you.