Friday, September 17, 2010

The perfect hair day :-)

The perfect hair day is very rare for me.

In fact, I'm not sure I've ever experienced one.

I have envied, I must confess, people who have straight hair they can just flat iron, and it stays flat ironed.

In the same breath, I'm sure people with straight hair could tell me all the things that can go wrong with it.

Don't get me wrong, curly hair has it's great points.

I don't blow dry for the most part. Ok, never. Don't tell Danielle, who styles it beautifully with a blow dryer whenever she cuts it.

Another great point. I probably get my hair cut.... mmmm.... three times a year??

Curling irons are unnecessary, unless you are trying to achieve those ridiculous bangs of the 90's. I confess I did use one then. Along with plenty of hair spray.

However, as I said before, I don't think I've ever had a perfect hair day.

More like moments.

Brief, split second moments.

The kind only a camera can capture, but rarely does.

This picture is a moment.

The breeze didn't blow it crazy out of control.

You can still see individual curls, no wild crazy, frizzy mass.

And, of course, the little darling in my lap helps the "perfect" factor out a lot.

Oh, and the lighting.... Love modern photography and the photographer who tweaked it. :-)

However, as I shared, these moments are few and far between.

Mostly there are days like today.

I did wash it, honest. I used to be a "wash everyday or I would keel over" kind of gal, but.... I'll admit the last two years have done a number on that one.

I forgot to put gel in it - sometimes you just have to give it a rest, you know? :-)

Then I walked around without putting it in a pony tail.

After exercising, resting, and doing little putsy things around the house.

You get this....
The head tilt helps the left side considerably. :-) It was sticking out far more.

Anyone else care to share what their hair normally looks like when it isn't crammed back into a pony tail?

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

I can never get my hair to look the way it does when Danielle styles it either -- I guess that's why we pay her the big bucks :) I will say that I'm one of those people who can flat iron their hair and it stays straight, but I've always been envious of people who have curls like you do -- the grass is always greener, huh?:)