Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do you ever wonder?

In the past two years I have filled out and answered my health form more times than I can count.


Last Monday I filled out yet again that I don't have heart problems, HIV, Asthma, etc, etc, etc...

Last Monday.

What do they do with this information?

Do they throw it away?

Because as far as I can tell they don't keep it.

Either that, or it's something they have to swear to keep a deep dark secret from each other.

Maybe that is it. :-)

Today I got a call reminding me of my liver biopsy coming up.

And I got asked all the questions again. See? Secrets.

The conversation goes something like this.

Do you have_____?????

And I say, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, nonononononononononononononn."

Except for the liver and the lung.

But you would think that would be written down at least a million times on whatever form they have about me, wouldn't you?

It reminded me of when I had Karis. I carefully answered each and every health question on the form, sent it in so I would be ready for the big moment. They received it, but when I arrived, dilated to a six, nauseous, and DYING, the nurse pulls out some forms and asks me the very same questions I had filled out several months earlier. I did answer them, only pausing in my no, no, no, no, no's to inform the nurse that I was going to throw up. She quickly handed me a bowl and I do believe the questions stopped. :-) I'll have to remember that on Friday. Cept I hate throwing up. I'd much rather say "No." :-)

I don't really mind - honest.

Enough of my complaints. I should be being grateful that they are thorough and trying not to make any mistakes before they stick a big needle into me.

And I am.

It's just one of those quirky things in the medical field I ponder to help take my mind off the real reason I'm even there and dealing with it. :-)

Pray it goes well. I haven't been nervous about this biopsy like I was about my lung and that makes me nervous.

Can't win, can you?

I figure it is my liver. Nothing can deflate. But what if it is more serious than I think? And it involves a big needle.

A needle that sucks stuff out of your liver.

And I will see it because I won't get to lay on my stomach like with the lung.

You would think all this would be old hat by now, but somehow the nerves always creep up.

Now about my Chicagoland trip.

We are back.

It was such a blessing to have Dustin along this time.

I didn't have to drive, at all.

I got a back rub while I was waiting for my appointment.

Talk about spoiled. :-) I told him he was coming to all my appointments from now on.

It was so much fun to try out a few new restaurants. Dustin fell in love with a breakfast and lunch place called Honey Jam Inn. It was pretty amazing.

And we did get that quality time together both to talk and to pray. :-)

One of my mom's friends grew up in Chicago and her parents still live there. They graciously let us stay in their house, even though they are in LA. Having places to stay helps out our budget immensely.

My appointments went very well.

What I have is such a trial and error thing for everyone.

They all know something is in my lung and liver. It's just how to get rid of it.

I'm trying something else new. We shall see.

I have high hopes, as I have heard some good things from people who have taken it.

I'm just glad I still have some options for trying new things. We could be at a dead end already with nowhere new to turn.

I'm also excited, well, I'm not sure that is the word, but wanting to know what is in my liver. Hopefully the biopsy results will be clear.

Dustin's days off are needed for appointments so I was going to go get the biopsy by myself and have someone drive me home since it isn't allowed.

And there is no cheating.

They wheel you out and put you in the passenger seat.

I can't help thinking if they had that policy with bars there would be a lot fewer accidents. Maybe I should write the police department with my idea....

So, since you can't cheat,(not that I would) I called Grandma Linda to see if she could take me home. Not only is she going to take me home, she is going to take care of me the whole time I'm there.

I love grandmas, don't you?

Have a great day and enjoy this wonderful weather - if the weather is indeed wonderful where you are. I, for one, am glad I'm not currently a resident of L.A. :-)

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Rosanne said...

I always hated filling out the developmental forms for Jaylen when he was a baby/toddler... just reminded me that he wasn't always doing things quite right. I still don't like filling those things out!!