Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mums the Word

I've made a Mother's Day card for my mom as long as I can remember. Each year I've told her how much I love her and appreciate her.

It has always been true. I have appreciated everything she has done for us.

This year, however, I think I could cheerfully kiss her feet if that was what was required to show appreciation.

I shudder to think of what the last few years would have been like if I hadn't had a mom like I have.

Let me see if I can briefly tell you why she is such an amazing mom.

She has put up with my crazy little girls, filling their little lives with worthwhile things.

They fall asleep each night to scripture lullabies, recorded by Grandma. They love it. I love it. My girls are falling asleep to God's Word.

She has made sure they have a jungle gym to play on up there, a swing and sandbox outside.

My diet has been made much easier because of the bags of vegetables she has made and the beans she has soaked for me. :-)

She watches the girls when i have appointments.

She finds ways to make me more comfortable.

And now that I'm feeling better and she knows that my disorganized house is driving me batty, she suggested putting some shelves and big rubbermaids out in the garage. It sounded like a great idea for the future. I was excited about it. Just sure it wouldn't happen until sometime in the future.

You know what happened last night? My mom and dad came over with my Mother's Day gift.

Out in our garage is a super amazing shelf with nine rubbermaids just waiting for me to fill them with my clutter in the house. My dad deserves some words of thanks, as well, and on Father's Day you had better believe he will get them.

My mom also keeps me updated on all the family news. I appreciate the hours she spends making sure all of us are connected on what is going on in each other's lives.

I could go on and on and on. I know I'm forgetting major things, but I just want everyone to know what a wonderful mother I have.

One of the things I appreciate most is the time she took putting Scripture in my heart when I was little. I can't tell you how many, many times during the past few year when I have been discouraged and scared that a verse she had us memorize pops into my head. I don't even have to open a Bible, though I do that, as well, to be comforted. And I know that is due to my mom.

Thank you, Mom, for loving me, for loving all of us, and making so many sacrifices in bringing us up. You are an awesome example of motherhood. Making me realize that it isn't perfection that makes a great mom, it's one who loves her God, her family, and wants what is best for everyone in her life.

I love you, Mom! So glad my daughters have a grandma like you!


Abby said...

I would have to agree that we have a pretty amazing mom! I love you too mom, and will take this time to add a few things onto Becca's unique card:-) You have been such an encouragement to me this past year. Thank-you so much for all your prayers for God's direction in my life,and the love you show me by "trying" to make me eat healthy, helping me organize my apartment(thank-you so much, I love it!)and by being an example of a woman who loves God and seeks after Him! I love you mom!

jess said...

Very sweet. Makes me want to aspire to be more like her... I just happen to think she did a pretty good job on her oldest. :)

Kristie said...

Thanks Becca & Abby! Dad and I think we have 5 of the most wonderful daughters on the face of the earth. God has blessed us so very much. But, Becca, I'm a bit disappointed. After all the time I spent with you on those math dots, you were supposed to be able to glance out at a bunch of sheep and tell if there were 101 or 102. Please count the rubbermaids again. I think there are eight! :)Love you very much!

Yellow Daisy Momma said...

Ha Ha I alaways loved the Swanson house so much!! Kristie and Becca you two and your dots make me laugh!!