Friday, May 14, 2010

A little perspective.

See this precious little girl? This little squirt has kept me up every fifteen minutes to half hour the last two nights. I can't figure it out. She has a slight cold, but that is all. I was tempted to drug her, just to get a few hours of sleep. I didn't, cause I couldn't justify it. No fever, no throwing up, nothing but a little stuffy nose that isn't really stuffy. I did buy some natural sleep aid for kids, though, and am planning on giving it to her quite often tonight before she goes to bed.

Dustin and I went out on a date for Mother's Day. Super yummy food and the movie Date Night. I'm saying this because it is about a couple who has been married awhile with two kids. They have a comfortable and sometimes boring routine date night. It is all switched up when they take another couple's identity and face a crisis together. Anyway, in the midst of the crisis he asks her if she ever has a fantasy about having an affair. She looks at him and says, "Honey, I'm too tired to even think of an affair. My fantasy is going to an EMPTY hotel room, all by myself, sipping a diet coke and savoring the silence with nobody needing anything."

I thought of that this morning and informed Dustin if I was ever missing he didn't need to worry about an affair, he would find me blissfully alone in a hotel room, sleeping. Pretty wild, eh?

Anyway, all that to say while it has been frustrating, as I need my sleep to survive a day, any temptation to complain went out the window when Jess called me this afternoon.

She was on the way to the hospital to admit her seven month old, Sullivan, for a few days.
Remember this adorable little guy? He had his routine check up today and the doctor just wasn't happy with his weight gain. It has been a struggle the past few months, but only something they have been carefully watching. Now Mama and baby are at the hospital.

My heart aches for Jess as he is having a feeding tube put down his little throat and having to have his hands taped down so he doesn't rip it out. He loves his fingers, too. This is all so they can do some tests to see why he isn't gaining weight.

Pray for them when you think of it. Tests are bad enough when they are being done to your own person, or another adult who understands, but your baby? I'll keep you posted, but I'm hoping they can figure out once and for all what the problem is, hopefully something simple.

And tonight, if my baby keeps me awake, I'm going to try and remember that a little loss of sleep is something fairly easy to deal with. But, if you happen to think of it, pray she quits waking herself up! It would be a blessing. :-)

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Yellow Daisy Momma said...

Yeesh, praying Jess & her babe!