Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Gabi!

My baby loves to eat. Thankfully her mom is on a veggie, fruit, bean, etc., diet, so this little piggy isn't at all fat, but lets just say I think she could be if I had around what I would like to have around on certain days. :-) Ice cream, nutty bars, chocolate covered granola bars.... mmmmm..... as I munch on a carrot!

Don't get me wrong, I am not always good. I have cheated a few times since I've added fruit and cheese back into my diet. Not often, but yes, ice cream has found it's way into my mouth a few times.

Not exactly sure how..... :-)

I was forced, that's it. Some random stranger came up and threatened me with my life if I didn't eat the yummy, creamy, delicious....

I mean, ice cream or my life? There was no question, I ate the ice cream.

Wish I could blame it on something like that.

Nope, it was just a moment of weakness.

Most of the time my snack is something healthy... and non sugar, but mmmmmm........ ice cream is so very good! It was worth it.

This wasn't meant to be a confessional, this was about Gabi. So back to that little kumquat.

I'm not sure why I call her that, in case you are wondering. I like how it rolls off the tongue, and since I don't have any reason to say kumquat in my daily life I have created one. :-)

So, since the girls often have had to feed themselves over the past few months, I sometimes find them into something they shouldn't be.

Particularly my kumquat.

While in Chicago I rounded the kitchen corner to find the fridge ajar.

Strawberries are a favorite of all of ours, except Dustin. If they are in the fridge they will disappear. Gabi was just helping them disappear a little faster than normal. :-)

Below is a very excited little girl. She discovered the rest of the chocolate pie up in the kitchen and happily finished it up for us while we chatted downstairs. She reminds me every night before she goes to bed that she is going to have a ballerina cake for her birthday in October. She gets this very look on her face when she talks about it. The color changes. Sometimes blue, sometimes pink, but always ballerina. So much for doing a cute cupcake caterpillar cake.... I had such dreams. :-)


MommaMindy said...

She is adorable! I loved the fridge pic!

uelandr said...

I love those pictures!
Still praying for you lots!