Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It happened!

She really has stopped sucking her thumb.

I almost don't believe it even as I am typing this out.

But... it's true, and I will highly recommend the Handaid "glove" to anyone who needs to get their child to stop.

It was painless for Karis, who only said she missed her thumb a handful of times.

It was painless for us. I never had to remind her to get her thumb out of her mouth.

It was painless for her hand. No chafing, and she could do everything she wanted to.

And last monday was the payoff. We all got to go to Chuck E Cheese, even Daddy.

This was probably her favorite ride. When asked why, "Because I always win, Mommy!"
Gabi's look of concentration as she rode the horse.
Everyone had a lot of fun, I would say. I even have some tokens left over for next time. We may have to take some of the aunties back this summer. Hummm.... what can it be a reward for this time?

Maybe the nailbiting that has taken the place of the thumbsucking.

Parenting never lets up, does it. :-) Always something to think about.

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MommaMindy said...

Yea! Way to go, Mommy!