Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brookfield Zoo

It was a rather long ride to the zoo, so we started making faces at each other.
Gabi does everything her older sister does. :-)
I had forgotten my zoo pass to our zoo, so discounts were going to be out. I was a little frustrated about it because we had already paid $9 just to park, and then to get Karis and I in it would be another $26. I was just about ready to pay when a lady came up to us out of the blue and asked if we wanted two free passes that were going to expire that day. I refused, of course, saying we would rather put a large hole in our pocket book for the privilege of seeing these animals...... :-) Not quite, I thanked her profusely, held on to those passes for dear life, and thanked God for providing a way in for free. I was glad He did that, because it turned out that all the bears and the dolphins were off display, along with several other animals, so I would have felt cheated if it hadn't been free.
Fun with Auntie Abs.
Karis wanted you to see the snake she stepped on with her bare feet. You can see why she is still a little concerned to step out in the back yard. :-) Ha, ha.... glad those snakes are far, far away!
There are days I wish I was a mama kangaroo. Just pop them in and go about your business. It looks a whole lot easier than trying to walk around the kitchen with a little joey latched onto your leg.
She popped right up there and posed. Totally reminded me of my sister Elle.
These two were my lifesavers. They helped chase my munchkins all around.
"Look, Mermaids!" were the first words out of Gabi's mouth when she saw these sea lions.
I can't tell you how glad I am that she has curls. Karis has the strawberry blond hair, but all her curls disappeared. It would be just plain wrong if one of our kids didn't have curls.


Teresa :-) said...

I just simply love those beautiful girls!!! It looks like they had a wonderful time!

MommaMindy said...

I love the Lord's provision. He is so good to His people. The pictures are so good. Your family is just beautiful, daughters and sisters.

LoDud said...

I'm excited that you have more energy--so awesome! PTL!

Mandolin said...

Praise the Lord for free passes! He is SO good to us!

jess said...

Love that head of hair! It would be ludacrous if you ended up with no curly hair in your house. Watch-a boy will get them all. Not fair...