Monday, May 30, 2011

I can't back out

It's set in stone.

The die is cast.

I'm going to face my infamous tooth.

Tomorrow a friend from church is going up with me to WI to see the dentist who will tell me my fate.

Will the tooth/teeth be pulled?

What will be found underneath?

I'm not as much afraid for the pulling part as I am for the fact that it might not help at all.

"Wits End Corner" comes to mind again.

We are trying the tooth because everything else seems to be not helping.

I know there is an infection there, it's just the fact that it may not be the cause of my problem.

Would you pray?

Pray hard?

Pray hard that the dentist will know exactly what to do, that it will go smoothly, that it won't be painful?

My appointment is at 7:30 am on Wednesday.

I won't be able to update you until I get home, and I'm not positive when that will be, but I'll try to take some pictures.

Since I've never had my Wisdom teeth pulled I really have nothing to go on, and anything new is a little scary.

Also, that long of a car ride can be hard on me.

I know this, though. God has made it very obvious in various ways that this is what I'm supposed to do.

Since He has done that, I know that He will get me through it.

I love you all! Thanks for walking through this journey with me.

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MommaMindy said...

Anxious to hear how this goes, can't get this theory out of my mind. Will be praying, dear sister! Please thank your friend for driving you. We're so thankful for her service.