Friday, May 27, 2011


Yesterday was one of those days for me where if I even thought about my life I would cry.

God challenged me that morning when I read "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this." Ps. 27:5

The literal meaning of that verse is "Roll your way onto Jehovah and trust upon Him, and He works."

I knew He was telling me to Roll my fear and pain and burdens onto Him.

I did.

Many times.

I would mentally push them onto His very capable shoulders.

But then later I would take them back.

I'd think about how nothing seems to be really helping, as far as I can tell.

Then I'd think about how this next Wednesday I have and appointment in WI to look at the infamous tooth.

What if this is the answer?

Will getting it fixed or looked at help?

What if it does nothing?

Then where do we turn?

How are we going to pay for all this dental work?

That has been a question I've wondered since I've heard about my tooth. Dental work is expensive.

Then I'd roll it back onto His shoulders - for the hundredth time.

He is so patient.

And so faithful in encouraging me.

A friend of mine called yesterday and said my nurse practitioner/ midwife has been burdened for me and wondered if it would be OK to contact me.

I gave the OK and shortly afterwards got an email to which I replied right away that I would love to see her and gave a few small details of my life at the moment.

She immediately replied with something I could take for my nausea and is coming to see me on Saturday.

I am so encouraged. This woman is a wealth of knowledge about so very many things and I need a fresh perspective on both medical and natural. Something I know she can supply and will be honest with me.

God knew I needed it.

Then... yesterday my grandma asked me if I had gotten anything in the mail.

As I hadn't, she told me I would be getting a surprise tomorrow.

Thankfully our mail comes early, so as soon as I heard him on our porch I sent Karis out to get it.

My great aunt had sent a very sweet card, but what brought on the tears was the substantial check that fell out of it.

The gift was totally unexpected. She told my grandma that God had been laying me on her heart for the past few days and she felt she needed to do this.

I was overwhelmed. Through them, God had taken care of all my worries about how to pay for the dentist and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Our church family has been so generous as well. Last Sunday my dad was helping direct parking at our church. On our way in, he handed me a visa gift card that someone who wanted to remain unknown had handed him. Once again we were blown away by whoever it was, and their generosity.

God is moving in His own mysterious ways.

They aren't mine.

I'm sure I'm going to be rolling burdens over to him always, but I am so grateful for how He is providing for our needs.


Amy said...

Rebecca . . . My name is Amy Berger and I am a member of SBC. I have been following your blog for quite awhile. (I know, lurking is not nice)

My daughters (Maddi and Ellie) and I help teach the 4-5's at the 10:30 children's church (on rotation). I adore Charis (sp?) and wanted to take a moment to share a couple of things I have been praying about.

1.) Your tooth. I know this is going to sound cRaZy, but ever since you posted about your tooth, it has been on my heart to tell you I think you should pull it. Who am I to say this? no one. God has laid it on my heart to say something to you (why?) but I have resisted because I don't even know you and how do you just walk up to a stranger and tell them to pull a tooth? Well, I watched "A Beautiful Truth" on netflix about the gerson therapy and while not all sits well in my mind, the part about the tooth screamed! I said to myself, you need to find Becca and tell her. I know it sounds nutso, but I cannot deny what God is pressing me to say.

Second, we are going on a family trip (we live in Ankeny) and will miss out on receiving our local CSA share while we are away. Lisa Bakke (another SBC member) has offered to pick up our vegetable box and deliver it to you and your family. The link to our CSA is and you can read about what they offer and provide in a weekly share.

I understand if you want to delete this comment, but I didn't know how to get ahold of you . . . other than walking up to you and shocking you with my weird thoughts ;).

Please email me at amyberger27(at) if you have read this far, don't think I am completely off my rocker, and want to let me know if you would want the 2 boxes (1 each week) of fresh vegetables and eggs.

My blog is if you want to 'see' who I am and decide if you want to have a restraining order placed on me ;)

Continually praying for you, Becca

Yellow Daisy Momma said...

Blue gate farms is owned by Aaron's cousin Jill and her husband Sean. They have lovely veggies you will adore them!!