Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flowers and such....

See that flower pot? That pot has been sitting on our front porch for the last two years, maybe three.


Well.... empty except for rain water, the rocks that the girls put in. Leaf soup that they create, and ooey, gooey, something or other until I dump it out.

In short, a disgrace, and a reminder that I wanted to plant flowers in it someday but never got around to it.

Grandma Robin came to the rescue and delighted my munchkins by going and picking out flowers to fill it.
They took turns digging little pits in the dirt and planting a rainbow of color. Now, if we remember to water it every day my dream should come true this year.

A pot of beautiful flowers.

Thank you Grandma Robin!
Who wouldn't have a wonderful Mother's Day with these two precious daughters.

They picked out my favorite flowers, and Dustin's card brought tears.
Since I still have a fuzzy camera for some reason (What happened to point and click?) I'll tell you that in that box is a speaker for an iPhone or a iPod. I am so excited because this will allow me to listen to a ton more music, sermons, and such. Perfect gift.
Karis is trying out her skills.
Karis adores Amy, Uncle Dave's girlfriend. The rest of us adore her, too!
The best mom in the whole world! Love this woman more everyday!
The girls surprised us with a song. I loved listening, but tears came in spite of myself. It was a song we have played many times together and it was hard just to watch. Right now I can't play even if I wanted to. Most of the time I don't mind, but today I watched my sisters and prayed that soon I would be able to join them again.
This little girl might just turn into a drummer. She did a pretty decent job keeping the beat for her first time.

After playing several songs she rubbed her arms and informed us that she would be "So sore tomorrow from playing." Poor dear. :-)
Gabi, not to be left out of anything, rocks out on the jingle bells with her sister.

Today, along with all the other special gifts, I realized that I could sing with everyone else. I didn't push it in church because I still occasionally cough, but I sang with my family and didn't cough once.

I have no idea what this means, if anything at all, but it was such a blessing to praise the Lord through song. It has been a long, long time.

My last post was a little dreary, I realize. The past few days have been an encouragement for me. God has been sufficient as He has promised.

I've been able to eat and put back on the weight. Please pray it keeps up. I always get to this point and then lose it all again. This time I want to keep it and add more. :-)

I'm headed back to Chicago with my sisters.

We are going to see if a couple of visits closer together help or not.

Pray for my mom and Dustin as they have the girls while I'm gone.

Pray that we will find something that helps me. Something is out there somewhere.

I'm also hoping to get the rough draft of our book done. Noelle is itching to get some painting going so I have to get my bum in gear. :-) She is a good motivator for me. I need it!

Have a great week. I'll try to write more during that time, but if I don't, don't worry about me. (Teresa:-)


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Mandi said...

I think Grandma Robin lives down the street from us... :)
Beautiful pics! And, wow, I'd love to play the violin like your family does! Awesome!