Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Monday I pulled a muscle somewhere in my right rib cage.

Since my right shoulder is the one giving me difficulty, this made for a pretty painful situation.

I lay in bed feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Ok, very sorry for myself.

I knew the Rapture wouldn't happen on the 21st because the Bible says you won't know the day or the hour, but right then I really wished he(forget his name)had been right.

Heaven and no pain sounded like a dream come true.

I decided to read out of Streams in the Desert for a bit of encouragement. I needed to do something because even crying hurt my muscles.

And then that made me feel sorry for myself.

What good was having a pity party when you couldn't even cry about it? :-)

This was the verse God gave me.

"They were at their wits' end. Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he brought them out of their distress." Psalm 107: 27-28

That's where I was at. My wits' end.

A pulled muscle, growths in Lung and Liver, shoulder pain, painful little systs that won't go away, doctors who don't know how to treat me, and now I couldn't even cry about it, because that hurts, too.

I'm just sharing the above so you can get a bit of a picture of how precious this poem was to me when I read it.

Are you standing at "Wits' End Corner,"
Christian with troubled brow?
Are you thinking of what is before you,
And all you are bearing now?
Does the world seem against you,
And you in the battle alone?
Remember---- at Wit's End Corner"
Is just where God's power is shown.

Are you standing at "Wits' End Corner,"
Blinded with wearing pain,
Feeling you cannot endure it,
You cannot bear the strain,
Bruised through the constant suffering,
Dizzy, and dazed, and numb?
Remember---- at "Wits' End Corner"
Is where Jesus loves to come.

Are you standing at "Wits' End Corner"?
Your work before you spread,
All lying begun, unfinished,
And pressing on hear and head,
Longing for strength to do it,
Stretching out trembling hands?
Remember---- at "Wits' End Corner"
The Burden-bearer stands.

Are you standing at "Wits' End Corner"?
Then you're just in the very spot
To learn the wondrous resources
Of Him who fails you not:
No doubt to a brighter pathway
Your footsteps will soon be moved,
But only at "Wits' End Corner"
Is the "God who is able" proved.

Antoinette Wilson

Then I cried, even though it hurt.

I was there.

At Wits' End Corner.

And God was there.

He continues to show me over and over again.

Last night some ladies from a care group at our church brought some freezer meals.

They mentioned they wanted to pray with me, also, something I was excited about.

I didn't know how many to expect and was overwhelmed when about eight ladies came through my door.

These eight ladies took time out of their lives to make a meal for us.

To come pray for me.

To pray for me in their spare time.

Over and over again I hear people telling me - often people I don't even know - how they pray for me every night.

That is so humbling. Have I ever prayed for someone I don't know every night?

In the times I want to give up God always reminds me that not only is He at "Wits' End Corner" with me, my brothers and sisters in Christ are there, too.

You - all of you who are praying - have no idea how much you minister to me.

My muscles are feeling much better, by the way, and I am still in fighting mode!



MommaMindy said...

love you very much!

Kristina said...

The guys name you were talking about is Harold Camping.

abby said...

What beautiful words God is speaking. Love you.