Friday, October 29, 2010

My girls!

I feel like my girls are in some ways growing up without me.

My mom and I were discussing this morning the things both of them had learned while I was in Chicago and she in Israel. (yes, dad and mom went to Israel for ten days, and yes, I'm jealous. :-)

Gabi had called me in extreme excitement and told me that she had gone "stinky" all by herself in the potty chair.

I laughed at myself as i was practically dancing up and down with the phone in my hand all because she had dumped some icky, disgusting waste into the potty chair.

The things we get excited about as parents.

Now, she hasn't done it since, but still, I'm hopeful that it will happen soon.

When we got home on Wednesday Dustin went up to the farm to pick them up. As he pulled in the garage door opened and Karis rode out on her bike with no training wheels.

My sweet, adorable, amazing husband said he was so proud of her he started tearing up.

Don't you just love dad's with their little girls? There is nothing more precious.

They are both getting so big, and as they accomplish more and more, often without my help at all, I get a little sad.

But the sadness is soon pushed away by gratefulness.

My girls could be stuck in our house with nothing more to do than watch PBS kids while I try to survive.

Instead they are getting to learn new things all the time. Things they would be doing if I was feeling like a normal mom.

I love it.

God has provided a way for my girls to learn and grow even though we have a war with Cancer going on around here.


Not everyone who is going through what we are have that blessing.

I'm so glad I can sit back and work on getting better knowing that my job is to give hugs and loves and what I can, all the while knowing that they are going to be learning exactly what they need to be.

God is good!

Thank you everyone who is helping my little ones grow up!

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jess said...

Just think of all the brain cells we lose at our house while my kids watch TV while I'm pasted to the couch. So glad you have such a wonderful helpful family who is willing to sacrifice time, time, time... and so much more. Good thing it only lasts four months at a time too.