Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The skinny on me..

Is that a saying or am I just pretending in my own crazy mind that I've heard it somewhere?

Regardless, it is appropriate for the subject.

I've resisted writing about this, because, well... Here's the story.

Today I got a note in the mail from my nurse midwife who delivered Gabi.

I thought she was going to tell me she was practicing again.

Imagine my surprise when I read this,

"Rebecca, I am continuing to get reports and i appreciate being able to review them even though I am not practicing. (what? she was getting my dr. reports? Not that I minded at all, I was just surprised) I see their concern about your weight. I would like to recommend that you continue to avoid sugar (no fair) but monitor your healthy food intake to include 3-4 of healthy protein. Be well! Carey

Hummmmm...... so what did I do?

Freaked out that everyone was talking about my weight.


I immediately got out the skillet and fried two eggs!

And ate them, of course.

Now I'm going to go eat supper and then finish this at some point.

After I've gained ten pounds.

Which may be a challenge as I can't eat any of the things that I would LOVE to eat to put those pounds on.

I'm drooling just thinking of them now.

It's somehow not as fun to put weight back on with protein, fiber, veggies, nuts, and.... well, you get the picture. (and exercise)

That's how you are supposed to get it off, not on.

I've been a little slow on the uptake to realize how serious this is.

My goal with my diet was to get rid of cancer, not weight.

When it came off due to all the cleanses and the "extreme" diet, it caught me by surprise.

It's my fault that I've lost as much as I have. I've gotten lazy and not eaten all the protein that I needed to.

When you eat all the fiber I am and not the protein it is bad news.

I knew last doctor's visit when I hopped on the scale that I was in trouble.

Dustin offered to let me hold his coffee, I thought that maybe I should hold my purse.

But that was cheating.

I had to finally face the fact that I needed to force myself to eat everything I'm supposed to, even if I don't want to.

So..... as funny it seems, I'm asking you to pray that I would gain weight.

Even now I can't believe I'm asking that.

Did those words actually come out of my finger tips?

Could you please make the prayer very specific and not go over ten pounds?

That's all the doctor said I needed to gain - honest.

And have you seen a ten pound tube of hamburger? Trust me, it is enough.

Thank you! :-)

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artbynoelle said...

I love the way you write sis! After just hearing that story over the phone, it was still fun to sit down and read it....and that is a gift!