Friday, October 15, 2010

About that Garlic and Fiber :-)

I had a chat with my nutritionist a few days ago.

It's like talking to my mom. You can't hide anything and they don't pull any punches.

I admited that I had gone on a few rabbit trails this summer - ok, maybe elephant trails - with my diet.

She didn't scold me.

On a side note here, do you ever grow out of the fear of a scolding?

I'm 32 and I can seriously tie up my stomach in knots just thinking about getting a scolding when I know I haven't done something I should have.

On another side note did you know that the reason you get butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous, or sick at the thought of facing something you don't want to is because your gut is pretty much a second brain in your body. It's fascinating and I may have to devote a post to it.

But for the moment my second brain seriously dislikes scoldings. :-)

Instead of a scolding this is what she said,

"Let's pretend that it is your five year old who has cancer. You have a list of things she needs to eat, do, and drink. Are you going to let your five year old skip the things she doesn't want to do?"

"Of course not!" I said as a light came on for me.

I had been really good at the diet for about two months. Then I skipped this and that, fudged here and there.

If it had been Karis or Gabi I wouldn't have given an inch.

Hello! They have cancer. They need to get better and if nutrition and alternatives are the only option, well, we would follow it to the letter.

I now have a new job. My job is to eat right. Eat everything I need to and nothing I don't.

Just eating doesn't sound like that tough of a job, but it is.

Garlic, four times a day, one tsp. each time. I haven't figured out how to do this yet because I also need to eat yogurt for the good bacteria and that bacteria dies when garlic is next to it.

I really don't blame it.

There is going to be nothing left alive around me with this garlic smell that seeps from my body. It is potent.

Poor Dustin. Kissing me is like kissing someone who has just walked out of the Olive Garden after consuming an entire bowl of salad and basket of bread sticks. Oh yum.

Good thing we are already married and he can't run. :-)

As for the fiber. Lest you feel too sorry for me, I am allowed to have a substitute for beans called Psyllium Husk. It isn't super fun to swallow mixed with water, but I've had worse. You do have to drink it right away or it turns into the consistancy of a super thick milkshake without the yummy milkshakey taste. But.... better than beans seven times a day!

And then the veggies, protein, and the supplements. This lotion, that oil, exercise. You need food with some, no food with others, and oh yeah, gain weight while you are at it.

And I have! Four pounds! So you don't have to pray so very hard for that now. :-)

What you can pray for is that I take this job seriously. I don't want to be a whiny, complaining little brat, but there are days I feel like being just that.

I walked around the kitchen last night as I was finishing up my "job" muttering to myself, "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks..."

I'll be honest, the hardest thing for me to give thanks for is smelling like a garlic clove. :-)


Mandi said...

You know... I knew that about the gut and it makes so much sense. Sometimes I think more with that then with my brain. oh dear.
Thanks for the update...we'll keep praying!

Dana said...

I can relate! I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant, and it was super easy to keep to the diet when I knew it affected my baby. Now the baby is born, and I was determined to keep to the better diet, but I catch myself splurging all the time. So, using your kids for motivation is great.