Friday, October 8, 2010


Because I don't want to write about cancer anymore....

Because today is too beautiful to talk about doctors and appointments....

Today I'm going to pull out my thankfulness list.

I can't even remember what number I'm on, so for the sake of me being too lazy to go back and look let's start with:

30. My little Gabi's ear ache is gone.

31. Someone is bring us supper tonight.

32. Dustin is home all weekend, something that rarely happens.

33. I have no tumor related pain.

34. God keeps providing what we need.

35. Sunshine

36. My sister found a braided rug for my living room for $8

37. Our bathroom light is fixed, no more showering in the dark.

38. A God who never topples under the pressure.

39. Leaves

40. Fall

Tomorrow I'll tell you what my doctor said, but for today I just want to remind myself to be thankful for what God has given me.

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