Sunday, October 25, 2009

You know those reality shows....

where people come in and organize other peoples houses? Houses that look like a hurricane went through and not only pulled everything out of the closets and threw it around the room but added stuff from other peoples houses to create even more chaos? Well.... let me tell you a little story about Karis' room. :-) We had one of those hurricanes visit. Yes, it was very localized, and as far as I know the neighborhood as a whole was not affected. In general our house wasn't affected, though some of the winds escaped her bedroom and did cause a little disorder. :-) But her room, oh my, let me show you.

See, and my pride will only allow you to see a portion of the room. It was bad. We were picking our way to her bed. Let me explain. Our hurricane came in the form of the guys who are remodeling the kitchen. They needed to go up into the attic. You can only get up to it through the tiny hole in her room. And you can only get up the tiny hole if you entirely empty out the closet. Her closet is unfortunately the biggest in the house, so you can fit a lot of clothes and various sundry items. Items which ended up on the floor. Items I couldn't put back until they finished the work, which took days longer then thought. Days which turned a messy room into the above picture. One day I couldn't take it any longer and since the reality show wasn't going to visit anytime soon I rolled up my sleeves and went to work.
Ah, you can see the floor.
The drawers are back in their place, the toys are in their box, the books are somewhat in order. For my friends that put them in according to size, you go girls! I'm just happy if they are upright and the spines are facing out:-)
Enjoying her tentless bed. And mommy is enjoying a room she can walk on the carpet in. The little joys of motherhood.

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jess said...

Karis, not zipped up? And what "girls" are you referring too? :) HA!