Monday, October 5, 2009

This picture is for Rae. She planted her first garden this year and the eggplants in particular were her babies. Sadly she is in Organ so will have to be content with looking at this picture and not tasting the fruits of her labor. :-)

This weekend was wedding central for me. I had a Saturday afternoon wedding for which I only had to play two pieces for prelude. Since Prelude isn't a big deal, I didn't go to the rehearsal and just showed up for the wedding. Just a tip, even if the mother of the bride assures you that you are only playing prelude, you should probably show up at the rehearsal. I discovered that my two pieces had suddenly become front and center with parents, bridesmaids and bride. It all went smoothly, however, and I learned my lesson.

After that I went off to a rehearsal for the next wedding. There were no surprises for this wedding as I basically got to pick all the music for a very laid back bride. Those are nice weddings. :-) Also, I had the special blessing of the brides brother being Dustin's highschool best friend. That meant that my husband not only came along, but came along willingly to every event. They had a great time, and praise the Lord the music went very smoothly. It was fun to play again, seeing as it has been about a year since I've really picked up the violin for any kind of practice. I've missed it more than i realized.

As for a health update. No new news on the Dr. front. I've been stuck between a rock and a hard place. So.... this is what God has brought to mind, and I would appreciate your prayers for this.

The only thing that has been a success for my lung was way back when I was taking a ton of Ambertose and going on the Prowave, a small machine my mom has. Doing this not only got rid of my wheeze and cough, but shrunk the growth by half. I didn't keep the treatment up, however because it is so time consuming. Now, a year later, and sick of my cough and wheeze, I've asked my mom to take the girls during the day for a week, so I can dedicate myself to trying it again. She agreed. My question is why has it taken me a year to think of this? Hopefully this will happen in the next few weeks. My prayer is that what worked once will work again.

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MommaMindy said...

Part of the problem is, as women we have learned to put husbands and children first. It is hard to reverse that when health demands it. Fit in something else on that day for your spiritual well-being. Can you read or listen to a Bible teaching tape while you do treatment? Can you pray for a long list of people? Memorize? Multi-task in a way that will bless your life. Enjoy the time, too, the Lord is giving it to you. It's OK to be away from the kiddos. Praying for healing...