Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Photoshoot

Just an updated picture of my photographer and little Kelvyn. He is such an adorable little bugger. Love his chubby cheeks.

Trying to catch some leaves mommy is throwing.

What she is really trying to get is the millions of ladybugs, or Japanese beetles, can't tell which, that are crawling everywhere. They made the photo shoot really hard for my two bug loving girls.

Holding her was the only way we could get face shots around the leaves and trees.


Teresa :-) said...

These pictures are amazing!!!

MommaMindy said...

You are all so gorgeous. I love seeing a joyful mother of children. Keep on keeping on, sister. You are a blessing!

jess said...

Love these! They are so pretty, and who got that girl that adorable plaid dress? Good taste... :) Miss them, and ther mama!