Sunday, October 25, 2009

Apple orchard

We made an unexpected trip to the Apple Orchard where Faith works. Everyone had said how big it was. I had no idea. You could spend the whole day out there if you didn't have a two and a four year old.

Gabi wasn't too thrilled about the corn. She didn't make it more than two feet into the corn pool.
My little pumpkin.
Can you find Karis? She could have spent the whole time on this, umm... whatever it is.
Hayrack ride. It got a little long, but for the most part was fun.
Both the girls LOVED the slide. An added bonus was seeing Auntie Faith working at the top of it.
Gabi LOVES her grandpa.
This was a new experience. She isn't quite sure what to think.
Do you ever look at yourself in pictures and wonder why you didn't take just a little more time on yourself before you walked out the door? That is how I felt looking at these pictures this morning. No makeup, didn't do anything to my hair, and I have one of Dustin's sweatshirts on. When we got there I saw all these moms who looked like it was family picture day, or something. I think I'm going to have to reevaluate my apple orchard wear, or maybe not. Maybe , just maybe it was me who was the smart one, and the other moms who wished they hadn't spent quite so much time putting their outfits together and that the mud, which was everywhere and on everything, was on their husbands sweatshirts and not their cute new sweater. :-)

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Mandolin said...

Adorable pics! That day looked like a ton of fun! And your comments about what you looked like made me laugh AND relate :) I often wonder if I missed a memo sometimes as I'm walking through the grocery store and women are wearing 4 inch heels with their jeans and sweaters. I'm all about looking nice once in awhile...but, really, at 10am on Monday morning?! You are so funny!