Friday, October 30, 2009

We rake....

And after we get a pile of leaves we spread them all out again. You see, if you do this, you not only get to rake everything once, but twice, three times, and then you get really lucky and get to do it all over again the next day. The concept of bagging in our house seems unreasonable to those four and under. If you bag them, you don't have piles like these to jump in. If you look hard you can just see Karis in the middle.
Starting school. I'd love to say we are very diligent at it, but I started right as the construction on our kitchen started, so it has been hit and miss. I'm hoping that will change, but am not too concerned as she is only four. :-)

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Rosanne said...

Fun pictures! I know your leaf dilemma. Jaylen was so excited to play in the leaves yesterday, but I kept telling him, "I don't know if Daddy's going to take you outside to play in the leaves if it's raining so hard like this." He was so sad, so Geoff figured, we'll just let him out and he can play as long as he wants. He lasted about 3 minutes. :)