Friday, October 30, 2009


Dustin took us to the new sculpture park downtown. None of us were in very good moods, so we didn't have the fun we could have, but still, it was nice of him to take his grumpy family downtown. I must say, if I had known they were paying millions of dollars to create this art I would have signed up. I felt that this spider was the most difficult piece in the whole thing. I mean really.... how hard can it be to create that backside of two snowmen?

Don't know exactly what she was looking at, but she was very cute.
My precious family sitting on a man made of letters. Forgot to read the sign, so am not sure of the symbolism. I'm sure there is something deep and meaningful behind it. :-)


MommaMindy said...

Can't you tell? Somebody spilled their Alphabet soup and it hardened on the floor, so they called it art. Try it next time. I am not overly fond of modern art, either. I kinda' don't think of it as art. It's just stuff.

Mandolin said...

We just went there! I was kind of confused how some of it could be classified as art... must make me less artsy. :)
Cute,cute pics!