Thursday, April 7, 2011

We are back!

When we go to Chicago Tom and Barbara open their home to us. Huck, their adorable little dog, isn't quite so sure about sharing his space with Dustin. :-) There is a curiosity/scared to death relationship going on there. One of these days Dustin will win him over - he's pretty determined.

It is so nice to have a place we can call "home" when we travel out there once a month, and we feel blessed to count them among our precious friends!
After we left this time, Dustin called the girls to have a short chat.

Gabrielle came on the phone crying. One, because she had gotten up very early and was tired. Two, because she had been tormenting my parents dog and he nipped at her hair.

Dustin comforted her and told her we would bring her a surprise.

That did the trick and for the next few days this is what my parents heard.

"Grandpa, guess what? Daddy is going to bring me a sur...prise..." (sing song voice)

When my mom couldn't cuddle her for nap time she told her to think about something nice and listen to the music.

"Ok, Grandma, I'll think about my sur...prise..." (sing song)

She even prayed about her surprise during supper at my aunts. I guess this sparked an interesting conversation between her and Karis about whether or not you should pray about surprises.

Dustin and I were feeling the pressure of a good surprise, let me tell you.

We found it at T.J. Max. A tea set that had cups that would turn dark pink when you poured ice water in them.

We added animal crackers from Trader Joe's. And....
These stylin sunglasses.

Everything was a hit and Karis is convinced that praying about surprises is the best thing ever.

I loved watching their little tea party this morning.

How did my visit go?

I don't even know what to write anymore.

I'm not discouraged, just cautious.

We are trying something new.

One thing I have have to fight against is doubting everything.

If you go into something already doubting it is going to work, well, you are basically shooting yourself in the back.

I'm keeping on with everything, adding a couple of new things, and praying that if it isn't the answer, we are one step closer.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Oh, and I have gained 7 pounds.

It may not seem like much, but it is weight I have gained and kept on. This hasn't happened before.

I kept gaining then losing. Gaining then losing.

Lord willing I am holding onto these pounds for keeps!


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MommaMindy said...

Never thought I would rejoice with a woman who just gained 7 whole pounds, but I am rejoicing! Will be praying for new things you're trying...