Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oof da!

I will never get tired of this picture. The girls love it when daddy gets home from work in time to read them a bedtime story and tuck them in.
I'm swallowing my pride with this picture. Short hair was so long ago that I forgot how crazy it looks when I wake up in the morning. :-) Pony tails and gel do wonders on the days I don't hop in the shower right away! Oh me, oh my!

Here is my stylish little miss. Her fancy shoes, leggings, adorable dress top, snazzy sweater, and fashionable coat. I'm serious, she is more in style than me most of the time. And the most amazing part? The only item I bought was the coat at a second hand store for $5. God has been so good at providing for my girls when I have no energy to shop for deals or the finances to dress them as adorably as they currently are. Thank you everyone for sharing with us!

My five year old going on twenty is up to a lot as usual.

Let's see.... She is learning to skip count almost all her numbers ten and under. My mom asked her to sing the three's to her Auntie Faith. Gabi surprised us all by running up to her Auntie Faith, sitting on her lap, and singing the threes perfectly. Gabi practically bursts with pride every time she sings them for us. We LOVE it.

Back to Karis. She is figuring out how to tell time, loves to read to herself before bed, and when she talks to my mom on the phone she asks her, "Do you want to talk to your daughter now?" Not my mommy, her daughter.

She also handed me an empty Easter egg and said, "Here, take this up to your mom's house." Not my grandma's, your moms.

When I told her we were going downstairs to skype Owen this morning she said, "Let me get dressed before I talk to my boyfriend." She came down hair brushed and clothes coordinated. I felt a bit sloppy. :-)

Gabi is growing up and I see my baby slipping away forever. It's late, so I'm going to have to think of all the cute things she does and share them in the next couple of days.

I'm sure you are all wondering about me.

That is part of the reason I haven't blogged.

I don't really have anything new, and that is a bit of a struggle for me to deal with at times.

Waiting is so hard.

God has been challenging me big time in the area of joy.

Not just having a joyful attitude when you are getting better, or things are going your way.

Joy even on the worst of days.

Easy to say, so hard to do, and so much to learn.

So..... I'm hoping I do better at blogging because I really do have a lot to share. I'm going to sign off for now, though. :-)

Thanks to all of you who are out there faithfully praying for me! What a huge, huge blessing.

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jess said...

She is just super star genius in my book!