Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

The Fever didn't hit our house until last night, actually.

Karis and I talked briefly about it, me telling her it was this Saturday - see, I really know my stuff.

We did NOT wake up at five to watch it, however, we were up and running at six. I barely got the girls some frozen strawberries before I was dragged downstairs to start the footage.

And I promise that I have showered lately, just yesterday, in fact. I know you aren't going to believe me with the pictures I keep posting.

Anyway, let me tell you how we caught this fever.

Last night the girls were safely in bed.

Gabi was sleeping, but a few minutes later an adorable little red head poked around the corner.

"Mommy, I can't sleep."

Amazement washed over her face as I patted the space beside me and told her to climb on up into our bed.

She scurried up and I told her I was watching them get ready for the princesses wedding tomorrow.

"I thought you said it was Saturday."

This girl misses nothing.

For the next half hour our conversation went something like this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

"Is that Prince William and Kate?"

"Yes, the one in the red jacket."

"Who is that?"

"That is Prince Charles, Will's father."

"Oh, is that Will again?"

"Yes, and that is Kate."

"Who is that pretty lady, she is beautiful." (Di in her dress)

I explain who she is and what happened to her.

"Oh, why did the car crash? Why didn't they drive slower."

I scramble for an answer, but we had moved on already.

"Who is that by William?"

"That is Prince Harry, his brother."

"Harry? His name is Harry? That is a funny name. Why did they name him Harry?"

I didn't know, but again, we were moving on.

"What is that dog doing?"

I explained it was sniffing for bombs.

"Why would there be bombs?"

"Well... at royal weddings sometimes bad people do bad things," I began, but she was off on something else...

"Why did they name him Harry? I don't like that name. Why didn't they name him Peter."

"I think his mom liked Harry..."

"I don't like Harry. I would name my boys Peter or John."

"Ok... that's fine."

"Who is that?"

"That is Camille. She is married to Prince Charles now."

" Oh. Mom, you know the dog? The one sniffing for bombs?"


"Why can't they just have a normal wedding like us?"

Oh my goodness..... my brain was spinning like a top!

"Kate is beautiful mom! Who is that?"


"Oh yeah, she is married to Prince Charles."

When the show was over I sent my precious little princess to bed. My brain might be spinning trying to keep up with her questions, but I'm so grateful for the precious time we got together and the glimpse of her mind it provided.

This picture? No reason. She is just so stinking kissable!

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Noelle said...

SO SO FUNNY!!!! And you are right, your baby is kissable. :)