Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Surprises

This was the extent of my Easter preparations. Well... I did make sure the girls had dresses. Noelle pampered me while we chatted about our lives in general.

The outfits had been tried on the night before. Mine was even ready, so Easter morning we spent a little time snuggling and watching Curious George before we got up to face the day.

Reluctantly we pulled ourselves out of bed and started morning preparations.

Karis opened our blinds to see if the weather would be sunny or the clouds we had been experiencing the last few days.

"Mom, Dad, come look, you'll never believe it!"

Dustin and I both looked at each other. Usually "You'll never believe it" doesn't mean something we will necessarily like.

"There are Easter eggs everywhere!"

Again we looked at each other, but we were both as surprised as she was.

Gabi dashed to the window with Dustin and I following.

Sure enough, our lawn was spotted with Easter eggs.

I will let you imagine the tizzy our house was instantly transformed into.

Well, everyone but Dustin. He was just waking up, and Gabi and Dustin wake up very slowly.

The girls were going to run out there barefoot and in jammies.

Now, I have let them out in some horrifying outfits, but I drew the line here. :-)

We needed coats, pants, and at least some form of footwear.

I managed to call a few orders as the girls ran around like crazy.

Gabi threw her pull up away while I tried to corner her to get some underwear on. We finally halted face to face and she looked up at me with sparkling eyes.

Her, "I can't believe this is happening to us!" said it all.

They were finally released.
It took Gabi a bit before she realized she didn't need to open and eat the exciting contents right away. As soon as she noticed Karis getting most of the loot her bag began to fill.
Some of the eggs were super cute puppy dogs, cats, and chicks. Not cuter than my little treasure hunter, though.
Beautiful morning!
Treasures collected.
The surprise was such an unexpected blessing for our family. It had been a rough week with me being a little more sick than normal and, as always, hard decisions to face and make. This little surprise started our our Easter in a way that reminded us of how much God loves us.

I'll keep their identity a secret, but thank you, precious friends, for reminding us of God's love by your surprise!
We had another special Easter surprise when Grandpa Jay, Dustin's dad, made a last minute trip down to see family. The girls were already flying high from the hunt, and these adorable baskets sent the soring.
He brought this special piece of art that a friend of his surprised us with. We love it!
All dressed up and ready to go! We were all so glad Grandpa Jay came for a visit!
Showing off some of her reading skills for Grandpa Jay. Grandparents are such a great encouragement for little learners. I wonder if you realize just how much your praise means to them. Thanks to all the grandparents in our lives who are so good at building up my little ones.
The Rankin girls.
Goofing off a little bit. I was blessed to feel fairly well that day.
Waiting for my hubby. I can't believe how frilly I like my tops these days. I never thought I'd say this but I believe I'm turning into a bit of a girly girl.
The love of my life, the one who manages to hold us together, my one and only!
This little man has been successfully kept from chocolate all his year and a half of life. I am not proud of the fact that I bought his first taste. In my defense, his mommy was recording this. And... he loves it!
Cousins with the final round of loot!
Worn out, but so blessed.

We had such a wonderful Easter.

It was packed full, but not so full that we didn't have time to remember how blessed we are to be able to celebrate it.

I am grateful my Savior has risen, that He took my sins away by dying on the cross, that heaven is my future dwelling place, and that what I am experiencing now is only temporary!

Thank you everyone for making our Easter such a wonderful one, and thank you Jesus for saving me!

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

Don't you love to see your kids get so excited about the simplest things? You all looked adorable :)