Sunday, April 3, 2011

Found it!

As soon as I posted I spent two more minutes looking and found the manuscript. :-)

That was a case of Him answering before you even prayed!

I've been laughing at it today - could be my drugs....

There are a gazillion changes I would make, but since I'm not trying to get that published, I'll just take the stories and shrink them.

Will we ever get published? Hummm..... that market is brutal, but we can at least give it a shot!

Dustin and I are headed out to Chicago the next few days.

Pray for wisdom for us, for the doctor, and healing.

We want to do what is best and what God has planned for us.

If we cry out for wisdom, Proverbs 2 promises He will answer.

We are crying out, thank you for joining us!

Loves, and I'll let you know how Chicago goes when we come back.

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