Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas blessings

It is snowing outside.

A perfect Christmas Eve kind of snow.

Soft, not too cold, and not too much. :-)

Enough that our driveway was full, though.

Dustin scooped off the porch before he had to leave for work, but decided to do the rest when he got home and had picked up our now fixed snow blower from his parents.

I was sitting here looking at facebook and admiring the view out our front window when a truck pulled into our driveway and plowed it out.

I knew who it was.

You see.... all last year, when we got the record snow falls, our across the street neighbor, Johnny, would come and plow us out.

I wasn't really thinking about the kind of neighbors we would have when we moved here, but we are blessed.

The girls adore Johnny and Paula.

Johnny builds his own Harley's and the girls are alternately terrified and delighted by the sounds they make going down the street.

They both followed the same pattern.

First they would run to the window to see the pretty motorcycles.

Then they would get a bit older and run to me when the motorcycles would start up.

Now they have both decided that someday they want to drive one.

Uh, oh.... And of course they would have to be the most expensive kind. :-) Once you hear that rumble can you drive anything else?

I'm just asking. I don't speak from experience.

Besides the motorcycles they love to wave at them and delight in their decorations for the holidays. The big, black, fuzzy spiders on their trees especially fascinate them. :-)

Johnny also has his own business in auto repair. You have no idea how handy it is to be able to walk across the street when your car won't start. :-)

Thinking about all the places we could live, I'm very grateful we moved across the street from such great neighbors.

I also know Dustin will be thrilled when he gets home and sees the driveway!

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MommaMindy said...

Yea for good neighbors! I had a neighbor like that in ND that always looked after us, especially when Scott traveled. Sometimes, the Lord shows His love and care for us through other people.