Friday, December 10, 2010

The Chicago trip in a nutshell...a very large nutshell.

Ok, for some reason I can't move that blasted picture down, so you are going to have to look at it first.

Small warning. This will be a long post. However, there are lots of pictures. If you are like me, lots of pictures help on long posts. :-)

In the above picture we are finished with my doctors appointment (which I'll talk about tomorrow) and getting ready to head into the Windy City.

I was nervous about this because everyone says how bad the traffic is, but then again, I get nervous when I have to make a left turn on a somewhat busy highway.

Dustin thrived on the challenge.

Here is me occupying myself while he gets the navigator ready to take us to the United Center. Now that the girl made the "mom" comment I find myself analyzing my face. There are more wrinkles there.

I suppose it is battle scars from the last couple of years.

Or maybe it is the fact that I always forget to moisturize my face.

I used to do that faithfully, you know.

Every morning, every night.

I'd wash, scrub, mask, moisturize.

My face is crying as it remembers those days.

Now I'm lucky if my teeth get brushed every night.

Good thing my teeth can't talk because at my last appointment my dentist said what an excellent job I'm doing. :-) Maybe it is all the other things I'm swallowing for my cancer. Some of it tastes bad enough to even effect my teeth.

Or maybe it is the lack of sugar.

I hate to say it, but it is probably that.

But back to the United Center. We only got stuck in a little bit of traffic and found it with no problem.

I was starving, so we went to a little hole in the wall and had a couple of sandwiches and a quick stop to the bank for some parking cash.

I'm telling you, I would love to own that parking lot for a year. Actually any parking in downtown Chicago would do. :-) We'd make a killing!

We were at the doors before they opened - along with about a hundred other crazy people.

Our excuse was that we had nothing else to do in that part of town.

Theirs, we were quickly discovering, was because they were giving away free bobble heads of Boozer (#5) to the first few thousand people. Who knew?

I'm all about free anything, but to come out early and stand outside when it was freezing, and I mean freezing, (I had to hide my face in Dustin's coat because my nose was freezing off), to get a bobble head is, in my opinion, crazy.

What does one do with two bobble heads, anyway? You're input would be appreciated.

I sighed with relief when the doors were opened and we could go in and get warm.

Isn't he cute? We went down court side before the game started to watch the players warm up.
He's just a little bit excited. Even the bobble head got a grin out of him. :-)

The view from our seats. It seems far up, but actually the view was great. And here I have to explain something to the ones who generously gave us money for the tickets. I had told her that we hadn't got the tickets yet when she gave us the amount to purchase them. I didn't realize that at the very moment I was saying that, Dustin was downstairs buying them. Oops. However, I wanted them to know that their generous gift not only covered the tickets and parking, but also our hotel and the parking there. We were thrilled! Absolutely, positively, thrilled. :-) Thank you for that special blessing!

Yes, I was at the game, and following every minute of it. There was a three pointer that got even me excited!

Also, thank you so much for your prayers. I was tired, but there there was no pain! After a day of travel and being tired that is huge for me!

Towards the end of the game I had to giggle.

You see, McDonald's was giving $1 Big Macs if the Bulls won and made 100 points.

During the last three minutes they were up by about ten and stuck on 99. Each time they went to make a basket they either missed or were thwarted.

You didn't hear comments about them needing to step up their game.


It was "Come on! I want my Big Mac!"

Since I didn't want a Big Mac, I had a delightful time watching the consternation of those around me as the Bulls won 99-90. :-) Their arteries were thanking the Bulls for not making 100.

We waited for it to clear out a bit before we joined the 21,000 others trying to get away from the stadium. Mylanta! That is a lot of cars.

We found our hotel with very little trouble, thank you VZnavigator, and once we got out of the Bulls traffic, very quickly, as well.

I'm telling you, valet parking is something I'm seriously considering making a permanent part of my life. There is nothing better after a long day. You are tired, all you want to do is sleep. You get the bags out, hand your keys over, and that's it. Your car is gone. Loved it!
When I read the reviews of the room the majority said, clean, comfortable, a bit small.

They spoke the truth.

In order to take this picture I had to open the door and stand in the hallway. :-)

At first I was like, "Wow, this is really small, where are we going to put our stuff?"

Then I realized I sounding a lot like a spoiled American. :-)

The room was adorable, clean, warm, and the bed super comfy. It was perfect for what we needed.
I love these sinks. They aren't very practical if you only have one bathroom, but maybe someday I'll get one. :-)
The view from our window. So pretty! I do believe, though, that we were right by a fire station. I could be wrong, but about from about five in the morning on, I swear every building in Chicago was on fire. :-) I was beginning to think we had managed to get there for the reenactment of the Great Chicago Fire. :-)
The Holiday Inn was at a perfect location. In the morning we walked a few feet to Starbucks, took a gander at Trader Joe's, and then did some shopping at Bloomingdale's.
We had to go in because the building was so pretty. :-)
I didn't realize pillows could cost that much. Or rather, I've never thought about it long enough to dream that they might cost this much. :-) Guess we won't be buying them from here.
Despite the look on his face he really did like this couch. I can't remember who he was trying to portray. I think If I remembered the look would make more sense. :-)

After leaving town we went to my sisters so I could crash for a bit. My body was saying that I had done a tad much the day before and I needed to slow down. I had wanted to go the a museum or the Aquarium, but intelligence won out. That, and Dustin didn't want to have to carry me. :-)

We went out with Abby for supper, starting with an appetizer of Alligator.
I would have to say that the first couple of bites did taste like chicken. The next few were a little more fishy. Not sure I really loved it, but it was fun to try.

We had a great evening with her and then went to stay with our friends in Northwest Chicago.

We are getting to know the area quite well, which makes us feel more at home. On our way to our friends we passed Medieval Times. A dinner theater, I believe. Maybe next time we can try that. :-) Trips to the doctor are getting to be more and more fun!


jess said...

Mylanta! Oh, you're turning into Anna! HA! Gave me a giggle!

MommaMindy said...

I love long blogs! I miss you and want to know the details, so never feel bad about a long blog. I love it that you were blessed with such a special time! Thank you, Jesus, and wonderful friends who blessed you.