Friday, December 17, 2010

Another good day...

I'm a little tired today, but feeling good.

I love it!

Today I went to Target and stocked up on stocking stuffers.

I love shopping for little girls.

Cute socks.

Princess sparkly lip gloss.

I confess, I did stand looking at this lip gloss trying to figure out exactly how it worked, but it was so cute I bought it, trusting that somehow when they opened it we would figure it out.

Miniature Slinky's. I so want to open those right now and play with them.

Gel pens.

Gummy bears.

And I found my last present for Gabi.

A toy mixer that mixes (air at least). Here again, I'm having a hard time not wearing the batteries out playing with it.

I am so excited to see their faces on Christmas.

I'm also grateful that I've felt well enough to be the one to buy these things and not have to send a list with someone else.

It just isn't as fun for a mommy, I don't think, to watch those little faces light up if you weren't the one to pick the things out, you know?

God is good.


Rosanne said...

So glad you're feeling so good (at least right now!).... This is a nice time of year to be feeling good. :) I love shopping for the kids too. It's so much fun picking stuff out for kids and picturing their little faces when they open them... Hope you guys have a great Christmas!!

MommaMindy said...

The older kids get, the less fun Christmas seems, because I LOVE BUYING TOYS!

I miss those days when they all got toys. I never know what to buy teenagers...

So good to hear you had another good day!

jess said...

I'm so thankful you got to get out and shop for your girls! It's so much fun and for a mommy, that's better than getting your own gifts by far! Love you!