Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Childhood insight.

A few weeks ago my mom was bringing the girls home.

She had to make a quick stop in a parking lot to pick up something from a friend.

She told Karis and Gabi to stay in the car, as she didn't want them to get hurt, and if they obeyed, they would stop at a park before they went home.

Several seconds later my mom heard the door slam and Karis was out of the car and by her side.

As much as my mom hated to do it, she knew she had to stick to her word and not go to the park.

Karis was devastated!

This little girl wears her feelings on her sleeve and the tears started pouring out, accompanied by some dramatic wales.

My mom explained why they couldn't go and how dangerous it was when Karis didn't obey.

After a few more gasping sobs, my little girl replied, "It's all because of my evil heart!"

I love that little girl. She is dreadfully honest about sin. Hers and ours.

A few nights ago I was trying to get them to go to sleep and losing my patience. My voice was less than kind to Gabi.

Shortly after I hear Karis saying, "Mommy, you aren't obeying God. I know because I obey God and I love God."

I hate conviction from my children.

After apologizing, I snuggled my girls and if I remember correctly quiet soon followed.

I'm grateful that God is so very real to her and He is already working in her precious little heart.

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